1979–80 Fifth Grade

This list does not include everyone in the picture, and they are not in order. Please help us identify everyone by adding a comment below!

Students: Eric McDowell, Dominic Browning, Guy Cerchione, Melissa (Missy) Dutcher [Gravlee], Sharon Bird, Gigi (Ginger) Lyon, Shelene Hogan [Barnes], Britiney Dawson [Slaughter], David Lovegrove, Bill Nelson, James Hoff, Ron Janeczko, Pat Duffin. Teacher: Mrs. Marion Hedquist

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  1. front left is Lonnie Bessey, Scott Hetherington,

    Tauna ?? is between Melissa and Sharon, Michelle Hawker is between Shelene and Sharon, Joel Walton’s sister after Shelene.

    Tim Merrell is up top next to Cerchione

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